Rosemary Conley Solo Slim ready meals delivered to your door

If those finding it hard to drop the excess weight they have gained or maybe have have hit a bit of a plateau with their existing diet plan. Or just want to lose those extra pounds in a convenient and simple way then choosing pre-prepared diet meals delivered to their door could be an option.

We know for many slimmers this can be an expensive option when trying to lose weight; Rosemary Conley's Solo Slim ready meal food range is a no frills, low cost alternative compared to other companies offering diet meals delivered.

What do you get with solo slim?

When ordering solo slim food boxes you get low-fat calorie controlled and portion controlled ready meals. Plus new to the Solo Slim range are Rosemary's ready-to-eat Oaty Breakfasts available in five flavours. All under 200 calories and designed to fit perfectly with Rosemary's diets.

Solo slim ready meals are supplied in microwaveable pouches as are the low-fat soups. If we take a 14-day food box for one person; when placing your order, you can choose from 14 soups of your choice, 14 ready meals of your choice, 7 oaty breakfasts of your choice, 6 low fat cooking sauces of your choice, 4 boxs of nutrition bars and or hot chocolate, 2 blocks of 5% fat mature cheese. solo_slim_7dayfoodbox

All of Rosemary's Breakfasts, Soups, Meals, Sauces and Cheese are made with 100% natural ingredients. Also included with your first order food box, is a useful book with suggestions for meal ideas for breakfast & lunch.

Convenient food boxes

But the Rosemary Conley food range goes beyond just two solo slim food boxes and to outline this here is the full range of food options available. A 14-Day Food Box, 28-Day Food Box, Try-Me Food Box (£39.99), Soup Box, Ready Meal Box, Sauce Box, Breakfast Box, Cheese, Nutrition Box and Hot Chocolate Box. In addition, you can create your own food boxes. Order online or by phone.

Another convenience with Rosemary's solo slim foods is that they can be stored at room temperature, there is no need for refrigeration; they have a long shelf life (9 months). You can find out more information at rosemaryconleyonline about this proven eating plan that is both healthy and hassle-free.

Will solo slim work for me?

If you are one of those people that don’t have much control around food, then the key for you using solo slim ready meals is that you don’t have to think about portion sizes or what to cook. Just pop a ready meal into the microwave for 3 minutes add a couple of portions of veg or salad if you find you need to bulk your meal and you’re good to go.

It’s also worth pointing out that the calorie count on the ready meals can vary which can have an impact on your daily total. Rosemary has now included ready-to-eat breakfasts all under 200 calories and less than 3% fat. But if you prefer to fend for yourself in the morning then why not take a look at some of our breakfast ideas that can help kick-start your metabolism to keep you going through the morning.

This type of diet can also suit those people who struggle to find the time to prepare healthy meals; how many of us have fallen into the high-calorie trap of relying on takeaways or eating out. Some people also find losing weight easier if they don't have to worry about counting calories but are still having wholesome, balanced ingredients in their meals. Moreover, it's a great way to get used to smaller portions.

Slimmers who are trying to lose weight or get healthy need to follow a low calorie diet, or a low-fat diet. However, if they have no idea what that translates to in real life, then choosing this type of diet could be their best option. Look at the solo slim sample menu which has been taken from the solo slim diet book free with your first order.

What slimmers don’t get when using Rosemary Conley solo slim ready meals, is support in the form of consultations, or a helpline or any exercise plans. But that said, Rosemary Conley's website is full of advice or slimmers can tap into Rosemary Conley TV which is full of videos covering exercise, recipes, weight loss, nutrition and much more.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The claims are that you can lose up to 15 pounds in a month. However, this is dependent upon your activity level, age and start weight.

How much will solo slim ready meals cost me?

Compared to other diet delivery services, solo slim is in the lower cost bracket but it’s expensive enough to deter some dieters. There is no contract or registration fee; you just order what you want, when you want.

  • Try-Me Food Box £39.99 plus p&p
  • 14-Day Food Box from £5.71 per day.
  • 28-Day Food Box from £5.46 per day.
  • Breakfast Box  £7.99 plus p&p
  • Soup Box £19.99 plus p&p
  • Ready Meal Box  £27.99 plus p&p
  • Sauce Box £8.94 plus p&p
  • Cheese 1 Block  £2.25 plus p&p
  • 3 Boxs Nutrition Bars  £8.97 plus p&p
  • 8 Sachets (per box) Hot Chocolate  £2.99 plus p&p

You can find more solo slim food options at rosemaryconleyonline or at any of the Rosemary Conley Fitness classes in the UK. All in all this is a balanced proven low-fat diet plan that is backed up by many years of experience with Rosemary Conley. Moreover, for some dieters with a busy lifestyle they are free from planning and preparing their meals from week to week. For people who are serious about losing up to a stone in a month, choosing solo slim food boxes really can take the guesswork out of slimming as they are calorie and portion controlled, low-in fat and ready in minutes.










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